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Lotus Wheel

Lotus Wheel 3-Pack

Lotus Wheel 3-Pack

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Wave goodbye to pesky back and neck pain with the Lotus Wheel 3-Pack. This bundle brings you three distinctively sized wheels, each designed to target and alleviate pain, while promoting muscle recovery across different areas.

  • The 33cm Gentle: Perfect for beginning your mobility session, it offers a soothing stretch coupled with a gentle massage to ease you into relaxation.

  • The 27cm Firm: Ideal for zeroing in on those stubborn spots along your spine, it applies a bit more pressure to massage and relieve areas needing that extra touch.

  • The 17cm Deep Tissue: Tackle the toughest of knots with the Deep Tissue wheel. Designed for those who crave a deeper, more intense massage, it digs deep to provide the ultimate relief and muscle rejuvenation.


  • Eases back pain
  • Boosts flexibility
  • Improves posture
  • Plush cushioning for supreme comfort
  • Spine-Friendly Design


How does it Work?

In essence, the Lotus Wheel applies pressure on the muscles that run alongside your spine. This stretches and strengthens these essential muscles surrounding your spine, guiding you towards a balanced and strengthened back.

Is it different than a foam roller?

Yes. The Lotus wheel is different in two main ways:

  1. The 12.5cm width is designed to fit perfectly between your shoulder blades allowing all spinal muscles to be massaged without any unnecessary strain.
  2. Different wheel sizes means you can vary the intensity of your massage to match how your body is feeling that day


We’re confident you will love the Lotus Wheels. However if you are not 100% satisfied, send them back within 60 days for a full refund, no questions asked. Lotus Wheels also come with a 5-year warranty.

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back pain 2

Back Pain Relief

mobility image

Enhanced Mobility

core strength

Better Core Strength

improve Posture

Better Posture

better sleep

Improved Sleep

faster recovery

Enhanced Recovery



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Customer Reviews

Based on 105 reviews

I just received my package today. Wow wow wow. I finished an aqua class this morning came home opened my Lotus Wheel and the instant relief. It made me cry of happiness. Finally a product that says what it does and has made me finally feel like all those tight knots and pressure have gone.
Thank you so much Lotus Wheel.

Emma U.
Great for a busy active family

We have a large active family playing a multitude of sports and our lotus wheel set truly has been the best investment for stretching out xxx

Glenn H.
Limber Your Lumbar

The Lotus Wheel isn't a magic back pain bullet but I do believe it's definitely helping.

To say there's no tech involved in the design of the Lotus Wheel isn't true, of course. Although the wheel itself doesn't have any moving parts, it's not just a random assemblage of plastic and rubber either. I'd like to tell you exactly what it's made of but to be honest, even though the Lotus Wheel 3-Pack arrives in a nice box, there's no packaging (good) and very little information.

There is a little eleven-page leaflet that tells you "All You Need To Know." That includes how to use the three wheels to help relieve back pain and tension and suggests other uses like correcting posture, deep stretching and rolling for muscle recovery.

While that may be all I "need" to know, it's not all I "want" to know. For example; how long should I use the Lotus Wheel for? How many times should I roll up and down on it and should I use it more than once a day? Seriously, what are the rules here?

So I visited the Lotus Wheel website and while it's a very uncluttered site that expands slightly on what was in the leaflet, despite a few user reviews there's not much more to be found - however, after a bit more clicking I did discover the "supreme comfort foam padding" is 10mm thick and the ABS plastic core can hold up to 200kgs (phew).

I was expecting a few instructional demo videos but no, just the three Lotus Wheels; a 33cm Gentle option, a 27cm Firm one and a 17cm model for Deep Tissue. You can choose between black or green inners and the 3-pack with one of each size is only NZ$149.00 - which I think is a steal for any kind of gym equipment - especially something that seems to be as well-manufactured as these are.


I figured the only thing left to do was to give them a go, starting with the largest wheel to minimise the pressure over a bigger surface area.

As far as basic operation goes, it really is just that; basic. You sit on the floor with the wheel behind you, then lie back onto it, rolling it up and down your spine - except... that's not strictly accurate because each wheel has a "Spinal Groove" to minimise pressure on your backbone itself. Instead, it's the muscles either side that get the real workout, although there's no doubt your spine opens up right away - even on the very first roll.

Everyone in my household has immediately achieved a few satisfying clickety-clacks with very little effort and I'm amazed how I seem to be able to get that kind of relief every time I use it. I also quickly identified exactly which part of my back harbours the most tension and it's that bit I focus on the most.

Although the "All You Need To Know" leaflet recommends starting with the large Lotus Wheel and eventually working your way down, I'm not a particularly patient patient, so I cracked straight on (pun intended).

There's no doubt the smaller you go, the more intense the pressure - that's just basic physics - but the great thing about the smallest, 17cm wheel is you can give your neck a good roll with it, even if it's just against the wall.

As I type this, I'm also using it behind my back against my office chair to assist with my usually-terrible posture.

The Lotus Wheels can also be used for other stretches like traditional foam rollers and like those rollers, you can target sore and fatigued muscles in other parts of your body as well.

But if you have a back you like to crack, this is the targeted device especially for you. It turns out, that leaflet really was all I needed to know - how many times and how often I use it is up to me. There's a nagging voice in the back of my head that says maybe I should have consulted my healthcare professional before using something like this and indeed, those very words are printed on the Lotus Wheel leaflet but... whatevs.

And it turns out I was just being a crusty old boomer looking for vids on the website. Why would they be there when they can be posted on the @thelotuswheel Insta page? YouTube video placeholder
Great for our gym

Our gym members are getting great use out of all 3 of them. Awesome quality!

Love it

Use them everyday even my partner loves them.

Lotus Wheel promise

Rolling on the Lotus Wheel doesn't need to be daunting. If the Lotus Wheel doesn't hit the spot, send it back for free.