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Best thing ever

Absolutely love my lotus wheel set and I use it twice a day. My pain has disappeared and I’m so so happy.

Lotus Wheels

Great products and nice to have different sizes. Really helping our athletes with their general mobility and recovery.

Lotus wheel 3 pack

Really enjoy these! I feel relieved after I use them :)

3 pack

Feels great

Working progress

Hurts quite a bit at the moment & hopefully gets easier as I go along..

Small and simple but works a treat

I’m impressed with the simple effectiveness of this wheel.

Relief at last!

I have terrible posture caused by some genetic abnormalities in my spine and chest. I also have scoliosis and MS. The lotus wheel set has been a lifesaver. I use it multiple times per day for instant relief! Even my osteopath has noticed the improvement. I highly recommend it!

These are doing a very good job on our backs.

Lotus Wheel 3 pack

I won the Lotus Wheel 3 pack in a competition, my husband has been using them, and he says they have helped his back pain alot,as he has quite a physical job. He thinks they are amazing and really good for stretching as well.

I love my wheel

I use the 17 cm Lotus wheel a couple of times a week and I always seem to get a crunch out of my spine which feels awesome. If you suffer from a stiff back, it's a great tool use to use ease your muscles.

Love it

What a great product to relieve back pain, great that it comes in 3 different sizes focusing on different parts of the back.
Absolutely love it

Great Product!

This has been a great help! After finishing a busy day on my feet hairdressing I find this so good!!!

Prep and Recovery Tool Essentials

We've included this into our Sydney University AFL kit bag for the squad to use for preparation and recovery. So far we're seeing great results! Can't thank Lotus enough on the quality product

My Lotus Wheel Experience

Thank you for producing a quality product. Though I have not yet heard and satisfying back cracks, I do feel relief when I use the wheels. The only thing I would like to see is a tutorial on the 2 smaller wheels - the smallest of the 3 and the neck roller which I purchased after. Just how they are used properly, as all the focus seems to be on the 2 biggest wheels. Otherwise all good!!! 😊👍👏

Thoroughly enjoying

Many people in our clinic have been using the Lotus Wheel 3 pack to help with thoracic mobility in particular, and find the different sizes useful to ensure we get the response desired.

Absolutely love them wouldn’t be without them

I use this nearly every day. Can’t rave about it enough. Nothing like hearing my back click and then how free my back feels. Totally recommend.

Lotus wheels

I’m thoroughly enjoying using lotus wheels, my flexibility has improved my lower back pain has improved. I highly recommend this product.

Lotus Wheel 3-Pack
Rau-anne S.
F@$n back cracking heaven

I love it!!! I’m a big, tall girl. I’ve had back problems since I could remember. I could manage with my lower back but never with my upper back between my shoulders and this is perfect for it

Loving the Lotus

Good delivery time, well packaged and great product. 5⭐️


Great product, great customer service.

Absolutely love this. Have now completed my set.

Great product, varying sizes good for a beginner


Thanks team, we love your Lotus Wheels

Lotus Wheel 3-Pack
Dominique M.
Best investment!!

Instant relief in my back when stretching with the lotus wheels. I love the different sizes and how it’s able to crack my back with no real effort. Also as a traveller the mini size is perfect to take with me.