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I love my lotus wheel! I spend most of my work day in front of the computer and taking breaks to stretch has made my back feel so much better! I highly recommend, I feel so much relief after only a few days of use.

They see me rollin’

The lotus wheel has become a daily habit to help stretch out my back. It’s so much better than an ordinary foam roller, the indent for the spine makes it really comfortable to use. Would recommend ++

Lotus wheel

Amazing service, very happy!!

Amazing for upper back pain

This wheel has been amazing at getting to the pain between my shoulder blades and helping with my posture!

Hits the soul!

My lotus wheel hits all the right spots! It’s become an essential addition to my post workout routine ✨

Where has it been my whole life?

I have the 33cm lotus wheel. It’s so easy to use and I often use it before I practise yoga to help stretch my back prior. My partner, who has back issues, has been enjoying it too.
Totally recommend!

Perfect for back mobility and flexibility

Such a good stretch and roll out to get the hard to reach places along your spine.

So satisfying

I really love this wheel. It’s so satisfying and gets in deep. My shoulders and neck are always so tight so this is a great release for me. Quite impressed with the different sizes you can get too

My back loves it!

I have been using the lotus wheel for over a week now and I am already in love! I am a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. So working physically hard and a lot. Also, I have an old back injury from gymnastics. Only 5 minutes a day of working with the lotus wheel relaxes my tightness and the body feels like after a massage. I also use it for stretching myself and with my clients. Amazing product, highly recommend it! If you are not sure what to give your loved ones and yourself (self-love and care 🫶) as a gift for Christmas, Lotus Wheel is definitely a great idea!


Absolutely love this product! It helps me after my night shifts after heavy lifting! It gets right inbetween my shoulder blades which no other product can do!

Has saved my back!!

Absolutely in love with this product! It gets in between my shoulder blades which is where I carry a lot of pain! Super easy to take around with me if I’m on a night shift and need it after some heavy lifting!!

Amazing roller for back pain!

This roller feels great for back pain at the end of a long day! Great quality, would highly recommend. Definitely worth giving it a go if you have back pain 😊

so so dreamy

I love this wheel, it's a ritual to roll on it at night before bed and i've noticed a huge difference in my neck tension.

Get one you'll thank me.


Sorted my back almost instantly. Top quality product, highly recommend!


I feel like it wakes my body up in the am before a work out and helps me to stretch and keep my body in check. Highly recommend!


For someone who is constantly leaning forward at work, this is the perfect product to compliment those pains and sort the back out

Great at relieving muscle tension

It felt a little uncomfortable to start with then once I relaxed I could feel the tension in my hairdressing shoulders melt away. I will be using this daily in my upcoming peak wedding season for sure!

Great massage!

This is a great product, it really gets into those muscles next to your spine way more than a normal foam roller would. Highly recommend!


I spend a lot of time in front of my computer, leading to poor posture and a lot of upper back pain, which refers down my arms as well. Leaning back over the Lotus Wheel and rolling into a position where I can really stretch out my upper back, as well as my neck, is not only amazing for the tension and pain release and relief, it actually has helped my productivity! Less tension means better focus and I'm able to work more comfortably. I've also had a real fear of falling or being upside down, so the experience of rolling back with my head relaxed and almost touching the floor has been an amazing trust exercise in myself, building my physical confidence too. Great product for so many reasons. THANK YOU!

Saved my sore back

Does exactly what it says. Helps my back with a deep tissue rub. I have issues with my left side of my back and after 3 days of using the lotus wheel, the muscle was healed. Totally recommend!

Release and stretch your back

Great way to release the tension and stretch my back after a long day.

So simple but so effective

This is great for people who are hunched over all day! I just leave it in my office and then roll on it to stretch out

Lotus Wheel 3-Pack
Hercules N.
Hell of a back crack!

One of those things you don’t realise how much you needed until you got it!

Deep tissue wheel

I love this! It feels like a great part of my recovery routine. It gets right in between the shoulders blades and feels great.

Awesome Mobility Product!

These wheels are amazing and such a relief for my back. I am coach and an athlete and will be using these wheels for both my own mobility routine regularly and my clients!