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Love these tools!

Awesome product

Very sturdy. Easy to use and comfortable

Love my lotus wheels. When they arrived I was impressed with how solid and sturdy they are. I bought the set of three and tried the mid sized one first. I had been working at a desk all day, and my ribs and upper spine was feeling tight and very uncomfortable. One use of the lotus wheel and my upper back clicked a few times and I felt instant relief in my upper back. My ribs still felt uncomfortable but after using twice a day for 3 days my ribs loosened up as well. Very happy with my lotus wheels. I love the stretch I can achieve and the loosening of my back muscles is fantastic. I mostly use the large and medium one.
I used to come home from work and lie on the floor to try and get some relief in my back pain, but the lotus wheel takes it to a whole new level.
Shipping from NZ to Australia took about 4 weeks, but I ordered just before Easter which would have delayed the transit time.

This was amazing. After spending aged cooped up curled over a laptop to be able to roll out and open up the chest after was a game changer. The best. I’m one happy customer.

Very good products...they really help.
Highly recommend.


we love our lotus wheel! hubby has used it every day since we have received it and his shoulder and neck pain has disappeared. thank you lotus wheel 😊

Loving it

Always looked at this...thinking would it hold over I've got it,I use it everyday...all the old ones in the bin!!

We love the Lotus Wheel!

We having been loving the Lotus Wheel in our house. I have young kids and am very physically active, and being able to use the Lotus Wheel at the end of the day helps my muscles feel so much better! An added bonus is my kids love playing with it and rolling it around :)

Just Amazing!!!!

I've been using the Lotus Wheel 27cm Firm for back stretching, and it's been a game-changer! The firmness of the wheel provides fantastic support, allowing me to target specific areas of my back with precision. Whether I'm relieving tension after a long day or incorporating it into my regular stretching routine, this wheel has been incredibly effective. The size is just right, providing ample coverage while still being easy to maneuver. I highly recommend the Lotus Wheel 27cm Firm to anyone looking for a reliable tool to enhance their back stretching routine!

Lotus Wheel 3-Pack


Best creation ever, easy to use and very high quality

Back cracker

First roll, instant relief. Back was singing.
Also had problems with logistics and what not, everytime time I had a prompt response and the contact was constant until the problem was solved. Complimentary refund for my inconvenience was greatly appreciated. Thanks again Lotus Wheel

Lotus Wheel - Large

Such a great product and is so valuable.
Easy to use but also great to even have out in the lounge and use as a head rest when laying down. Going to be an awesome addition to our recovery space

Best investment you can make

I LOVE my new Lotus Wheel 33 cm. As a PT, I’ve tried many foam rollers but I was never satisfied with them. Until recently when I tried the Lotus Wheel. I’ve been using it for a while now and I can totally see a difference. You will never regret getting one.

Lotus Wheel 3-Pack
Christine T.
Amazing product!!

The lotus wheel is the BEST🤩🤩🤩 The whole family uses it to help relieve subluxations along spine. The first time my son used it, his shoulder pain disappeared after he adjusted his back with the lotus wheel. It’s such a brilliant and simple to use product we end up using it daily 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

Lotus Wheel - A game changer!!

The stretching feels heavenly, the relaxation is real, and that deep tissue massage is the real deal. If you're on the lookout for some self-care magic, this could be your answer.

Lotus Wheel 3-pack

Another good addition to help with lumbar and thoracic mobility

So relaxing

Loving my lotus wheel to use each night to roll out my back and legs before bed- a great addition to my daily routine!


The algorithm presented this to me a number of times before I finally succumbed to try it out... and it was worth it! We work office roles and spend way too much time hunched in front of computers. This is the perfect antidote! My husband suffers from an arthritic back and finds this to be gentle enough to stretch out his back in a way that doesn't cause additional pain. I find it great for easing out knots and tension and so much more comfortable than a roller! I highly recommend this product.

That extra bit of relief

I've started using the Lotus Wheel at the end of a stretching routine which I've been doing to relieve back pain and restore mobility.
The Lotus Wheel always manages to get a few extra "pops and cracks" out of my back and gives the sense of a chiropractic adjustment. Especially good for getting to full extension in the mid/ upper back.

Where have u been?

Wow where do I start. This has changed my life. I live with fibromalgia and have a very bad back. I'd given up on chiropractors and spent so much on massages till I found the lotus wheel. I ordered the set. The smallest is quite sore to use on back at first but perfect for the neck. I preferred the middle wheel. My back gave out some great crack sounds and the stretch it gave was amazing. It's now part of my daily physio and I'm walking a lot better, less headaches and taking less painkillers.
Also not only is the product amazing the way the business looks after u is 10/ 10. Im in Australia and my order didn't get to me for a while, it was stuck somewhere. One email to them,they found it and got it to me plus offered a full refund if it diddnt.
Do urself a favour and give your body that TLC it needs.
Thankyou lotus wheel.


I would choose these wheels over my traditional foam roller any day! The 3 sizes are perfect for all types of stretches! Stretches my back out like no foam roller has! Definitely recommend

Love this

27cm lotus wheel firm

Absolutely love this - the only thing that has released my upper back/traps! I have been a PT for 10 years and i definitely recommend

Lotus Wheel 3-Pack
Sarah V.D.B.
Absolutely Love!!

I have been using the Lotus wheel now for 1 week and have noticed a significant difference in my back and neck pain.
I cannot wait to see the long term results!